Welcome in The Armoury of Jiří Klepač!

I started to produce historical armour nearly 20 years ago. I have always studied the art of armour very carefully and have collected a large library on this topic. I have visited many important armouries in Great Britain, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic for authentication purposes. I am continually studying extant pieces, a never-ending source of information, inspiration and motivation for my next work
Working as an assistant restorer in a museum, I studied many metal preservation and patina techniques. I also worked as an armourer for an independent film production company.
Quality armour, with great artistic detail, combined with practical usage are what I have to offer to all of my customers. My aim is to use as many techniques of the old masters as possible, this is my prime philosophy.

My theory is that in order for a replica to be successful, it must look right, work right and feel right, no matter if it is a complete harness, or a munition piece for the ‘last soldier on the field’.
Jiří Klepač


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