There are no prices on my website, because all my production is generated from custom orders. The price of each individual piece is very much affected by the size, type and thickness of material, finish, details and mechanisms. If possible, I prefer to discuss all the requirements of the customer in detail, to be certain about them, before setting the price.

With the price quote you will also receive the time estimate of the production. Since the waiting time is usually around 16 – 20, but currently 40 months before I can start working on the freshly ordered piece, please take this time line just informatively. With several challenging projects in line, delay can easily ocure.

Please note, postage will be added to the price of the goods.  I do accept  PayPal (3,4% will be added to cover the fees)
For info about current CZK exchange rate please see

Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for any and all fees for shipping, insurance, tariffs, import duties, and customs processing.
Any other questions I will willingly answer at


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