My armour is handmade out of professionally hardened and tempered mid carbon steel or sometimes mild steel . I use various thicknesses of steel, depending on the purpose of the piece and wish of the customer. I have ceased  using welding in the manufacture of my armour.
My preferred method of production is to forge my armour from single sheets of metal, following the original method of armouring. I often use raising, the technique that does not weaken the metal in critical areas, as doming does and the finished product is much more authentic in function.
I get lots of commissions from people involved in re-enactment combat and therefore I design all of my armour to meet and fulfill all combat requirements. I have also made specific pieces for museum expositions. The armour can only function properly if accurate measurements are taken, so please follow my measuring /body cast instructions.
The finish of my armour can be satin, mirror polish or patina finish of many styles. Blackening, filed surface or rough from the hammer finish can be arranged. If you send me your vision of the final look of the armour then I will send you some possible solutions.
Armour can be decorated with etching or can also be engraved by a professional engraver. I like to work on challenging projects so please don’t hesitate to send me any pictures of armour you would like to have made. The gallery is just a small sample of my work, not a complete selection, though I aim to please.
Every piece of armour made by me is stamped.